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Photos of the Worthing Dome Cinema restoration
Photo galleries documenting Worthing Dome's history.

The restoration of the Dome tower and its crowning glory in 1995 for over £300,000.

1904 - 1954 The Early Years
The history of
the Worthing Dome,
impresario Carl Seebold,
and of Worthing cinemas.

1969 - 1989 The Perilous Years
20 years under threat of demolition, the Dome Cinema was defended by townsfolk.

1989 - 1999 The Uncertain Years
The 10 years of struggle after getting the Dome listed and before receiving a Stage 1 pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Key Characters
Without any of these 5 individuals the Dome would never have been built and flourished, then later saved and restored.

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Tower Restoration (1995):

The Dome prior to restoration of the tower. To the left of the central cinema entrance is the staircase leading to the Bingo Club on the first floor, while to the right is the Rendezvous Café.

The Dome on Marine Parade prior to restoration of the tower. The cul-de-sac to the right is Library Place, leading to the bus depot. The Dome tower surrounded by scaffolding after its rebuild. The 2 parts of the new cupola being delivered on the back of Rob Blann’s  truck. A close-up of the newly fabricated cupola parts.

[2] [3] [4] [5]
Rob Blann steadies the cupola as it is craned aloft on Sunday 30 April 1995. A wider view showing Llewellyn’s crane hoisting the cupola from Library Place. The cupola is lowered into position guided by John Head, vice chairman of the Worthing Dome Preservation Trust. Preparing to bolt the cupola in position. The top part of the cupola is raised aloft from the ground.

[7] [8] [9] [10]
Lowering cupola’s upper part into position. Rob Blann positioning the flagpole on top of the Dome tower. John Head preparing to fly the Union Flag. Trust volunteer Shaun Jurgelewicz (left) smiles jubilantly as the Union Jack flies over the Dome after an absence of more than 4 decades. Patriotically topped by the flag, this view of the Dome from Bedford Row clearly shows the full extent of all the scaffolding required for the tower rebuild.

[12] [13] [14] [15]
John Head points towards the newly flown flag from the seafront promenade. Two Trust volunteers fitting the fender railing on Sunday 3 September 1995, hoisted up in the large bucket attached to the giant crane kindly loaned by Gamble & Sadler. A close-up of the work in progress at the top of the tower. Trust volunteer Shaun Jurgelewicz, wearing a yellow helmet, drilling one of the vertical posts to which the fender rails are to be attached.<br>His brother Marcus is working out of site on the other side of the roof. On 3 September the ‘all-weather’ Union Flag, which had been raised above the Dome some 4 months earlier, was taken down as it had been ripped to shreds by the prevailing elements.

[17] [18] [19] [20]
The Union Jack flag, shredded by the coastal weather conditions, is removed whilst the crane is available.        
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