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Photos of the Worthing Dome Cinema restoration
Photo galleries documenting Worthing Dome's history.

The restoration of the Dome tower and its crowning glory in 1995 for over £300,000.

1904 - 1954 The Early Years
The history of
the Worthing Dome,
impresario Carl Seebold,
and of Worthing cinemas.

1969 - 1989 The Perilous Years
20 years under threat of demolition, the Dome Cinema was defended by townsfolk.

1989 - 1999 The Uncertain Years
The 10 years of struggle after getting the Dome listed and before receiving a Stage 1 pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Key Characters
Without any of these 5 individuals the Dome would never have been built and flourished, then later saved and restored.

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Restoration of the Dome tower

View the photo galleryIn 1995 under the control of Messrs Bedford & Eccles, the Trust’s first Structural Engineers, the tower of the Dome, at the time owned by Worthing Borough Council, was fully restored at a cost exceeding £300,000.

What started out as project to replace a number of steel girder sections that had been identified as corroding, gradually turned into a major rebuild as more and more corroded girders became apparent.

The Worthing Dome Preservation Trust raised further funds to manufacture and put back architectural features at the top of the tower, original features that had been removed and lost with the passage of time.

The cupola and flagpole were hoisted up into position by a giant crane on Sunday 30 April 1995. Later that year, on 3 September, the fender rails were fixed in position around the edge of the tower’s domed roof.


Click here for the pictures of the complete restoration of the tower.

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